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Collected thoughts:

2010-10-04 08:46:11

When I started collecting Vintage figures, I was broke. It was 1998, I was a year out of college, my wife and I had around $60K in college loans, and I was earning about $15 an hour working for a newspaper. Missing a loan or credit card payment wasn't an option, so spending on toys was about the bottom priority on my list.

So I decided to collect the cheapest MOC thing I could find. In 1998, that was Tri-logos. Tri-logos were the bottom of the barrel. They were the red-headed step-child. The discerning Vintage collector wouldn't touch them. Everyone wanted to put together their offerless American Kenner set (along with Canadian Lumat and Paploo, since the American versions had offers).

As time went on, people began to realize just how common American carded figures were, and how rare foreign and Tri-logo figures were. Add that to the fact that American ROTJ bubbles turn yellow, and Tri-logos don't, and now the tables have turned. Now the set of ROTJ Tri-logos I put together (minus Madine, because I didn't have $3000 for a Tri-logo Madine) has appreciated in value tremendously. I'd have a tough time affording to collect them now. Those American Kenners that were so precious back then? Not so much...

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