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That's me spouting nonsense & opening a can of whoop ass!!!

Posted by: Michael Tricomi    May 10, 2011 1:53:55 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

How embarrassing
2011-05-09 07:53:30

I apologize for the punchline (no pun intended) in today's comic. It's inexcusably lame. See, what happened was I knew there'd be this clobbering at this part of the story, so I drew out the comic before really working on the script. I do that distressingly often... draw the comic before I know exactly (or roughly) what the words will be. Some might refer to that as a "process" - though I'd call it more of a survival tactic. I can schedule a time to sit down and draw, but it's a whole lot harder scheduling a time to sit down and be legitimately funny.

My normal schedule is to complete a comic a week ahead of time. Yesterday afternoon I still hadn't "written" today's comic even though I drew it early last week. So throughout the day I was going over potential scripts in my head. I started by thinking of something that rhymes. The best I could come up with was "Knock the snot out of Oznemoc." That didn't make me happy. So then I went for lines from the films. Nothing good came to mind. By the time I sat down to ink/color Friday's comic, I went with the best thing I had. I thought the mixing of metaphors wasn't too atrocious, and it sort of gave props to my Main Man Sam Jackson. So that's how it went down.

The only comfort I can take away from this is that the lines were spouted by our lucky Anniversary Contest Winner Michael Tricomi, so they didn't defile any of our regular beloved characters.

BTW, I haven't written the text for either Wednesday's or Friday's comics yet. I plan to do that tonight. You've been forewarned about the potential upcoming lameness.

Oh yeah - one last thing. All the E-mail alerts I was supposed to receive from the site about new comments posted for the strips had been going to my SPAM box for like 6 weeks. I thought I just wasn't generating any reactions, but apparently people had been commenting up a bunch of previous comics. Now I've whitelisted the sender from my site, so that shouldn't happen again in the future. If you submitted a comment any time since March or so, it should be posted now. I wasn't just censoring your asses.

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