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Collected thoughts:

I have returned!
2012-06-13 11:25:23

I've returned from Orlando, where I had the opportunity to check out Star Wars Weekends. I've posted cool photos and video on my personal Facebook page if you're at all interested. It was one hell of an adventure. Monsoons. Carbonite. Crazy.

Immediately upon my return I completed an endeavor I've wanted to undertake for a very long time - offering the first ever C7YB T-shirt for sale! Now you too can wear the same exact T-shirt as Z! Talk about setting the trend! And spreading the word about your favorite toy collecting web comic!

But you'd better order soon - I will only be accepting orders until July 9th... and after that there won't be any more of this "First Printing" shirt available EVER! This IS history. Don't miss out!

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