What is C7YB? C7YB is a web comic about collecting. But you probably saw that on our front page... unless you somehow came directly to the FAQ page here from Google. If that's the case you're really missing out on the good stuff. Click the "Home" link above to read the comic. We also have a Shop and this goofy FAQ page. Down the line we plan to add a Forum! Won't that be nice, a place to find other collectors and discuss stuff?

Who is C7YB? We are... or rather I am Bill Cable. I keep finding myself referring to the "staff" here as "we" even though I'm running the place all by myself. "We" just sounds more professional or welcoming or something. I've been doing web comics weekly since 2001. I'm a programmer by trade (I wrote the whole site here myself in ColdFusion... nice, huh?) and a Star Wars collector. I've been in the hobby for many, many years, so I figured I could spin that expertise into a pretty compelling little comic strip for you guys.

Why did you bother putting up a FAQ page? Honestly... I don't know. Does anybody read FAQs these days? I'm pretty sure nobody will bother to read this one. It's not nearly useful or entertaining enough to warrant a read. But the menu list at the top looked lacking... throwing in a FAQ filled it out nicely. I don't know... maybe somebody will use it to dig up my contact info...

How can I contact C7YB? E-mail me! cable@c7yb.com. If I don't get back to you your message was probably tagged as SPAM. I do periodic searches of the term "Star Wars" in my SPAM box, so if you include that somewhere in your message there's an excellent chance I'll come across your message eventually. Then I can properly ignore your attempt to bother me.

Can I advertise on C7YB? Hells yeah!!! I want this sucker to be plastered with annoying flash ads! And I don't say that sarcastically... it's about time I made some damn money off all my comic drawing efforts! Again your best bet is to E-mail me and I'll get back to you.

How often is C7YB published? Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Can I print out/link to a C7YB comic? You can link to the comic and print out copies for yourself to your heart's content. But please don't republish comics anywhere else without securing my permission. If you want to use a comic in your upcoming collectors' wishbook or on a T-shirt, E-mail me first and we'll hammer out the details.

Does C7YB SUCK??!!! You must have us confused with CreatureCantina.com. c7yb.com is in fact a subsidiary of CreatureCantina.com... hopefully it's the one that actually makes some money.

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