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Posted by: Endtrooper213     April 2, 2014 8:58:48 AM CDT

I think you left out an "o," Endtrooper.

Posted by: Tresob    April 3, 2014 8:10:35 AM CDT

O ;)

Posted by: Endtrooper213     April 3, 2014 9:41:41 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

Nothing is over until we decide it is!
2014-04-02 08:26:04

This is the last C7YB comic strip.

I started the original C7YB with Philip and Reuben back in 2010 hoping to mirror the success of other thrice-weekly web comics I thoroughly enjoyed. Despite my efforts to set up a shop and sell merch, that strip never took off. So in 2012 I set a new goal - prepare a comic strip to submit for syndication. Thus started the 3-panel, black-and-white adventures of a parrot and a penguin. My goal was to produce about 200 of them, then pick the cream of the crop to submit for consideration. The chances of this working are far more astronomical than my original web comic plan, but I figured I have to take my shot. And what better time to wrap things up than with our anniversary update?

This represents a pretty major change for me. I've been doing comic strips on this site since 2001. It'll be odd not having a routine where I draw all the time. But I do plan to continue with some art projects - in particular with producing Droids-style customs. I did four of them back in the day, and I always wanted to do more. So that's my new pursuit. Keep an eye on CreatureCantina.com for updates. We're also running an amazing contest this week with spectacular prizes (including one of the custom carded Droids figures I mentioned). You might want to check it out.

As for C7YB - well, I plan to keep this site up and running as an archive. Maybe readers out there will go back from time to time and enjoy them. It's been a fun project, even if so far I didn't meet the goals I set out to meet. But I still might. So here's to hope - See you in the funny pages!

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