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Collected thoughts:

Into the light
2011-03-30 07:47:58

Before I forget - my second batch of loose, modern Star Wars figures ends on eBay tonight. So if you'd like to support the fine folks who bring you C7YB but don't think $4 for a signed print of the comic you love isn't a good value, here's another opportunity to spend some cash on something of actual value.

I also have some PlayStation 3 games up there. You know, video games have to be the absolute worst collecting venture out there. Brand new, games cost $60. Six months later you can get them for $40. A year out they're $30. Two years they're $10. More than two years and they're not even worth selling on eBay. And that trend holds true for all but a handful of "rare" games. I don't understand people who build libraries of games. It's like a reverse investment. Very strange indeed... I should do a comic arc about it sometime.

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