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Collected thoughts:

The nightmare is over
2010-08-25 07:55:39

I have good news. As I reported here back in May or June, the owners of a collecting inventory software web site whose domain name was strikingly similar to my original name for this web comic wasn't happy to share the spotlight. Their lawyer sent a C&ampD. I replied that I didn't think they had a case, and let's just coexist. Their lawyer replied that no, he was seriously going to sue my ass. So I replied that I'd sell the domain to them rather than risk a lawsuit and they accepted my offer.

Turns out that was the easy part...

Shortly before Celebration V I received the contract from the lawyer, read it over with a fine-toothed comb (you'd be amazed the comprehension skills of those things), and found a few distressing sections. First and foremost was a clause that stated if I failed to follow through with things, I'd be penalized "no less than $5,000." I fainted. Then when I recovered I asked "Hey, $5,000 would put a pretty big crimp in my collecting budget... can we reduce that?" The final contract I signed had that reduced to "no less than $1,000." I figured there wasn't any reason I wouldn't follow through, so that amount was worth the risk.

Then I went to my registrar to transfer the domain. Now, for you folks out there who don't have web sites, I'll try to explain this as clearly as I'm able. Your registrar has contact info stored for you domain, including the person who owns the domain (the registrant) and the administrative contact. When I transferred the domain from my old web host to my new one, I never bothered to update that contact info. As a result the registrant info was invalid, and the administrative E-mail went to my old web host.

This presented two problems. I couldn't update the administrative contact because it wouldn't save with an invalid registrant contact. If I changed the registrant info, it would lock the domain for 60 days. So I couldn't get the E-mail I needed to confirm the transfer. I was dead in the water.

And then I got to thinking... you know what's "no less than $1,000"? $10,000. And $50,000. And holy shit $100,000...

My only hope was to have my old web host forward that E-mail to me. The problem there is they're support desk is active about three random hours per week. So for a week I was hopping onto their site praying I'd catch their live web chat support. On the Friday before C5 I was on the PC and on a whim I thought "Why don't I check again?" And I saw that glorious green "Online" message.

Saturday morning I received the forwarded E-mail, I approved the transfer, and the stress that had been wracking my body slowly ebbed over the next couple days.

But it wasn't over! I still had to perform all sorts of contortions and dark magic over the course of C5 and into late last week to finally get the transfer completed. You can't imagine how tough it is to manage a domain when all the critical E-mails are going to India.

Yesterday I finally got final confirmation that the transfer was complete. Euphoria.

So to all those people whose heads I bit off at Celebration V, I apologize. I did my best to keep a lid on it, but sometimes the stress emerged from its cage and struck. Here's to hoping I can enjoy being drunk and silly at Dragon*Con.

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