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Collected thoughts:

The apprentice
2010-04-09 06:58:04

Wow... it's Friday already? This new schedule thing is going to take some getting used to...

Today's comic continues the introductory phase of the series, where the new characters you neither know nor care about start to develop. It's a tough time to put out really funny stuff, but I think it's necessary in the grand scheme. It's all sort of building towards an epic story arc that'll pay off big time... like 4 years down the road. That's when the comic will REALLY start to get funny.

Quick note - be sure to enter the contest over at CreatureCantina.com... lots of great prizes there! We got stuff from Hasbro, Topps, Razor's Edge, Yoda's News, the Super Collector's Wishbook... it's quite a haul. Don't miss your chance there.

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