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Do you like movies about gladiators?
2010-04-14 07:57:57

Hello again, readers! I'm getting a bit of a late start on this post... I was up late last night finishing a comic so I didn't get the chance to write up an intro until this morning.

I posted a quick story about my latest collecting triumph over at CreatureCantina.com (link for the benefit of the one of two people who go to The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named directly). For a long time I figured I'd never find that piece for cheaper than I could have gotten it at Dragon*Con. Shipping costs. Shipping costs suck. They're one of the many banes of collecting. But after years I finally did. VICTORY!!!

Today's strip continues the introduction of our main characters. I'm enjoying this character development stuff. I had ideas in my head of who these people are, but seeing it play out on screen has been very rewarding. And being able to draw from the legends of collecting lore has made it all the more fun. If you're in PSWCS you'll know where this came from. If you're not, you should join if you live in Pennsylvania... or you should seek out your own local collecting club of whatever line you collect.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I installed one of those annoying "sharing" apps onto the comic pages. So if you're on Facebook you can click the Facebook link there and it'll post a link to the comic in your profile. Or if you're a "Digger" you can do the Digg link. If this comic is going to survive long-term, it needs to develop a reader base. So if you like it, share it with your friends! Especially your friends who like to buy comic prints...

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