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Collected thoughts:

The underlying motivation
2010-04-16 07:25:58

Patience my friends... patience. We're almost through the exposition phase of the comic. Today is the day we get to the reason why things are going to happen. I figured I needed some driving narrative to keep things interesting. After that's established I can begin going off on all sorts of tangents, but the story will stick together since there's always this central tenet.

It's been an insane week when it comes to my duties as PSWCS president. We're preparing another medallion, the art for which came in this week. Also the T-shirts came in, so I need to ship those out. Also we've begun contacting Summer Social sponsors, and forming the prize committee. Plus we're beginning to make plans for Celebration V. It's just a ton of stuff. I'm amazed I got to these comic strips at all with all the other stuff on my plate. That, my friends, is dedication. And you know how you reward dedication? I'll let you ponder that...

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Enjoy the comic. Have a great weekend. I hope you head out to see Kick-Ass, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a comic book and can't wait to see as a movie. And we'll catch you back here Monday.

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