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Collected thoughts:

Breaking the rules
2010-04-19 07:30:35

OK, I suppose I'll begin the Monday by apologizing. Anybody who went to see Kick-Ass based on my recommendation - I'm sorry. I don't know, I'm sure some people enjoyed it, but for me as a big fan of the original comic book I was thoroughly disappointed by the movie. It failed as an adaptation. It's like they read the books... but they had no idea what they were about. They didn't comprehend anything beyond "Hey, there's a teenager with no powers in a green suit!" I mean, it was fine as throw-away popcorn fare, but throw-away popcorn fare was the exact sort of thing the book set out to mock. Is that irony? I think it is...

This week the collecting lessons begin. As seasoned collectors yourselves this is probably all old-hat. But look at it through the eyes of young Reuben... remember what it was like the first time you learned about the tricks those evil scalpers use to hide the newest figures until they figure out if they're worth buying? And remember beating them at their game? I do.

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