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Collect 'til it hurts
2010-04-21 08:03:07

Happy Wednesday, faithful readers!

I'm about 30 minutes away from giving blood, so this will have to be quick. I can't have my fans waiting past 9am for their dose of Z... especially if I'll be down a pint and extra loopy at that time. I'm already operating at half-capacity this early in the morning... I'd be hard-pressed to cobble together a coherent sentence after they tap me. It's the perfect state to write ColdFusion code, though...

This strip we finally get to some ACTION! I have visions of epic battles in the future of this comic... something for which The Cantina never seemed particularly suited. I mean, who gets in fights while drunk? That never happens... I tell ya! But people brawl in the toy aisle at Wal*mart almost 24/7. At least in my experience.

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