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Collected thoughts:

Resistance is futile
2010-04-23 09:07:27

Ack! A Trek reference??!! My apologies.

Let's start things off with something truly futile... a plea. Visit the shop!!! I put a ton of work into getting that up and running, and all sorts of research into the prints (which our prize winners have loved, incidentally). I see a ton of visits. But not much along the lines of people spending cash. Are prints a bad idea? Has my work just not been worth owning so far? Should the shop offer something else? Send me your thoughts! We all want this thing to be successful, right?

One item I've wanted for a while is this C-3PO foil cutter. Apparently a foil cutter is something you use to open wine bottles. It's a bit of a foreign concept... my wine comes out of a box through a plastic spigot. Apparently in olden days they used glass bottles and wood corks, and protected those corks with a sheet of metal so annoying you need a bulky Star Wars statue to get through it. Still a metal C-3PO you can use as a deadly weapon?? That's like seven different kinds of AWESOME.

I won one of them on eBay a few months back. I had to return it. It looked as if somebody had strapped poor 3PO to the underside of their skateboard and did a few grinds on concrete railings. Half his face was gone (a flaw not apparent in the photos). Now this other guy has at least 10 of these he's trying to sell on eBay... at $75 a pop. Two weeks ago it was $100 a pop. The original retail was $150 for a set of four characters on ThinkGeek. I think they were originally offered only in the UK, and ThinkGeek brought some over to the states. Even in the UK the price was pretty reasonable, if not for the cross-Atlantic shipping. Aggravating that it's right there... within reach... but at an insane mark-up. Here's to hoping he accepts my Best Offer this go round...

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