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Collected thoughts:

The joy of the hunt
2010-05-12 08:54:25

Collectors are funny. Thank God... because this would be an awfully bad idea for a comic were that not the case. Part of the appeal of collecting is the hunt. Back in my POTF2 days nothing was more thrilling than showing up at Wal*mart when they opened and discovering the latest wave of figures there on the pegs for my purchase. I had a whole method... any time I heard new figures were at a Wal*mart in Cincinnati, I know they'd be at my Wal*mart two or three days later. Worked every time. Those were fun times to be a collector.

If there were no challenge... if there were no reward for recognizing and exploiting the patterns... then there'd be no thrill. If every single time I walked into Wal*mart every figure I could possible want was just sitting there, then it wouldn't be collecting... it'd be shopping.

But that fact gets lost on some collectors... those that gripe about what a pain it is to find certain collectibles. They feel manufacturers should make everything they produce easy to obtain. What they fail to realize is how boring collecting would be if that was always the case. And how boring collections would be.

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