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Collected thoughts:

The thrill
2010-05-17 09:55:18

Happy new week, everyone. I'm back with just what you need to take that edge off Monday... comedy gold, baby!

Sometimes I wonder when I write these comics if I'm being too "real"... crossing the line from "funny introspection" to "damnit Bill... I didn't want to think that about myself!" You see... I'm extremely self-critical and self-aware. That's probably why I'm pretty much oblivious to everything going on around me. On the flip side, I'm extremely self-deprecating, which probably is what maintains my sanity. So I can both look at how ridiculous I act, understand it, loathe myself for it, and then laugh it off.

From past experience, I know that other people aren't as willing to laugh at themselves. So I wonder if sometimes the perspective that goes into these comics might alienate or offend those folks rather than amuse them. I mean, how successful can I be continually attacking my core audience? I guess time will tell...

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