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Collected thoughts:

2010-05-21 09:06:53

I just read that today is the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. As it came out when I was only six years old, my recollections of that time are pretty fuzzy. I know I was a Star Wars fan, and had toys and Underoos, but I don't remember exactly how I actually became a fan. My guess would be from the toy commercials. I may have seen Star Wars in the theater prior to seeing ESB... but then I may not have. I think I probably did, but I don't remember a thing about it. But I do know by the time ESB hit theaters, Star Wars was already a big part of my life...

How do I know this? Because I remember one particular conversation.

I was outside playing with some of the neighborhood kids in the summer of 1980. We'd play pretty much every day, all day long... running around playing tag or kick ball or whatever. I hadn't seen ESB yet. One of my friends told me "Darth Vader is Luke's father." Now, being 6 at the time I was too young to be upset over a movie spoiler... thank goodness. Do that today and blood would be shed. Back then, though, well, I had a different reaction. Denial. Something deep inside me was revolted by the possibility of somebody so evil being Luke's dad. That's not true! That's impossible!!!

And I had a logically flawless retort to my friend: "No he's not! He can't be! They don't have the same last name."

So happy anniversary, ESB! Now enjoy a comic that has nothing at all to do with ESB...

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