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Collected thoughts:

Friends in low places
2010-05-28 08:30:57

Man am I ready for a holiday weekend! I haven't taken a vacation day since my car broke down in like February. I've been trying to bank as many days as I can for C5. The prospect of an extra day off is extremely enticing...

I'll spend it doing yard work. Building a fence in the blistering heat. Yes... a well-deserved day of relaxation...

As far as collecting goes, I saw that after tackling production items, Gus and Duncan have moved on to prototypes. But this one is just a "guide," not a "comprehensive guide." I know that for certain because none of those authors ever contacted ME about MY prototypes. As a result the guide will be sorely lacking in Brazilian hand-painted POTF concept pieces. And what guide on prototypes could ever be called "comprehensive" without them? I'd assert "none." Still, I'm sure Gus' incomplete guide will be a worthy addition to your library.

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