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Collected thoughts:

Them's the rules
2010-06-11 08:29:31

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my kids to Kennywood, an amusement park near Pittsburgh, PA. It was fantastic. I ate lots of junk food. The weather was perfect (78 degrees and sunny). The lines weren't oppressively long (though the Exterminator absolutely was NOT worth the 40 minute wait). And the kids mostly had fun... the whine to smile ratio was a lot better than usual.

But a couple of events happened that bring to mind what's going on with this current story arc. When my wife was with our younger daughter Jasmine in kiddie land, she witnessed a fight nearly break out. There was a group of around six kids cutting in line. A father of another kid who got cut spoke up and told the kids to wait their turn. Their mom of one of the scolded kids got in the father's face, yelling "You don't talk to MY kids!" And things got worse from there, to the point that security was called to break it up.

That mom needs SLAPPED. What the hell is wrong with parents these days? When I was growing up, if a kid was misbehaving and another parent saw it, they'd reprimand the kid and turn him over to his parents. Then his parents would be embarrassed for their kid's poor reflection on their parenting ability, and they'd commence beating the crap out of their abhorrent offspring. We've gone from that to parents DEFENDING their kids' misbehavior? Good job ensuring your child's long-term residency in your basement, and their stellar on-again/off-again career in the fast food industry! That's if they're lucky enough to avoid prison...

The second event happened when me and my older daughter Julia were in line for Phantom's Revenge for our last ride of the night. Rides were closing down and people were leaving the park, but Julia wanted to ride one more roller coaster. A group of teenage girls was pushing through the line, trying to move up ahead with a group of their friends. Three of them passed by, and Julia was like "Why are they cutting?" Those three were long gone, so I couldn't do much there, but I heard more from their group jostling behind me, and I decided it was time to teach Julia a lesson. So I put a hand on the railing on either side, blocking their path. One of the girls was like "excuse me, I gotta go meet my sister." I said "No cutting." She pleaded and I said, "You have a cell phone in your hand right there... call her." And for the next ten minutes I walked the line with a hand on either railing, and I taught Julia that you don't cut in line.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days? Were they raised by wolves? But that's not even right... because wolves strictly adhere to their well-defined societal norms! These kids must have been raised by RATS.

I suffered through those ten minutes, listening to a constant stream of snarky comments from the girls behind me. "We'd be up there except that someone has a problem with it." "I'd be able to find my sister if people would just get out of the way." I could weather those slings and arrow easily enough. But then one girl was saying "It wouldn't be a problem if people were acting their age, like 17, instead of a two-year-old." And in my head I was like, "Seventeen? I must really be looking good tonight!" But then the girl was like "No, we're 17... that guy's like 40!"


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