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Collected thoughts:

Controlling the situation
2010-06-14 10:38:54

Our epic story of Hot Wheels collectors continues with a bit more information about the whole thing, albeit information that's intentionally difficult to process. I'm trying to give somebody a unique voice, and I'm not sure whether or not I failed spectacularly. Who knows... maybe you'll still enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying it, do YOU enjoy The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named? If you do, then please recommend it to your friends! The first few weeks we saw steady growth in readership, but the past few weeks that growth has dropped off. The goal is to beat last week's traffic every week, and we haven't always met that goal. I think a lot of that is because we got a nice mention in the DCSWCC forum for one of the strips that generated a ton of hits, and that sort of skewed the stats. Whatever the case, we want more people visiting, and more people coming back! So help build your favorite toy collecting web comic... spread the word! Then years from now you'll be able to tell everyone, "Oh, The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named? Yeah, I was there from day one! That site really took off cuz of me!"

Then they'll say you're full of it and you'll look dumb. That is until you send them a link to the post you made and then you'll look like a hero!!

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