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Collected thoughts:

It's a conspiracy!
2010-06-16 09:22:38

Perhaps I've seen a few too many crime thrillers. But there's a part of me that wishes what's depicted in today's strip was the way things worked in real life. I guess that's because it'd mean there's somebody out there who actually knows what they're doing and has things under control. These days there just aren't people like that anymore. It's as if society has broken down... and now it's just a giant melee of self-preservation.

It's been an epic couple weeks on the collecting front. Unfortunately I can't yet talk about any of the stuff that has landed on my doorstep. I mean, there's the ------ ----- charity --------- that ----- is going to ---- at ----------- -. And then there's the ---- ----- Boba Fett ----- --- that ---- different ---- ---- ---------- ----- will be ------ ---- at --. What's particularly exciting is that I had a hand in the design and production of both. Aw hell, and that's not even mentioning the ----------- - collecting ----- ------ ----- where I'm both an ------ and a -------. I did --- --- on the ----- ----- --- and am ---------- the ----- ----- --- and am absolutely giddy about both. But I can't talk about any of that until official announcements are made on --------.---. It's crazy.

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