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Collected thoughts:

Art imitating life
2010-06-21 09:44:56

First off - congrats to my brother Dave and his new wife Nora on their nuptials. They got married yesterday in a beautiful ceremony near Pittsburgh. Astonishingly it was a bright and sunny day... one of about six we enjoy yearly in the 'Burgh. I think that's a sure sign somebody's smiling down on the union.

Last week Beedo sent me a little Hot Wheels tale. I figured I'd share it here... since that means I don't need to write a proper introduction myself...

Greetings, mate!

Dunno if this might be of any use to you, but the latest Hot Wheels story arc at The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named made me remember something that actually happened to me many years ago, back in Ohio (1999, I think). I'm not an avid Hot Wheels collector myself; I go for the Vintage cars, the cute/cool stuff, and Mustangs, but only if they happen to be there as I'm passing. I don't (or very, very, very rarely) actively hunt anything down. Here, with only minor editing for clarity, is an actual exchange I had in front of a Hot Wheels display:

ME (riffling through pegs): >Sigh!<

REDNECK HOT WHEELS COLLECTOR: Cain't find whut yer lookin' fer?

ME: No. I've been looking for the new Mustang for about a month, now. Must be pretty damn rare.

RHWC: Nah. They ain't rare. I got me a whole big box o' those at home, and I cain't find any takers, even at only $5 a pop.

ME (heavy sarcasm dripping from every pore): Gee, I can't imagine why.

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