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Collected thoughts:

Thank you, come again!
2010-07-02 08:29:39

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July! Go USA!!!

You know what sucks? Wal*mart got rid of all their self-check-out lanes. This is a damned travesty... and not just because it ruins today's strip. They just "remodeled" the store near me... which consisted of replacing all the cash registers and retiling the restrooms. As part of the redesign they replaced their self-checkout lanes with more "10 items or less" lanes. I overheard one of the cashiers there saying "yeah, those self-checkout lanes were worthless."

This was while only one of the "10 items or less" lanes was open, and every lane had at least four carts queued up.

Maybe the self-checkout lanes were worthless TO THE MORONS WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THEM. For me, those lanes were PRICELESS! I'd be hard-pressed to count the hundreds of HOURS I didn't waste in line at Wal*mart because I could just take my purchases up to one of the self-checkout lanes and be out of the store in 45 seconds. Nothing was more satisfying than walking past the lane after congested lane of overflowing carts and generally unkempt people, towards a completely clear scanner. I frickin' LOVED those self-checkout lanes. Now my routine trips to Wal*mart will be precipitated with dread over the waits I will inevitably suffer through. Toy runs have now become chores... and chances are now I'll be hoping NOT to find anything.

So thanks a lot, Wal*mart. Thanks for making my shopping experience absolutely frickin' atrocious. I really appreciate it. The Wal*mart experience was already barely tolerable, with the generally inept staff and ratty environment. Now I have even less incentive to stop there for a quick toy run. I just can't stomach wasting my time in line when more efficient options are available. Especially in a low-rent store like Wal*mart. I'm thinking I might shift my shopping to Target. Yeah, I still need to stand in line there, but at least the ambiance is pleasant.

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