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Collected thoughts:

Big time
2010-07-07 07:47:24

I've climbed the mountain. I've reached the summit. My art is on StarWars.com. Pretty awesome, huh? That Troop Loops box? That's mine. And they even have my name listed on the page there! I've been acknowledged.

These boxes should make for a pretty cool collectible at C5. And being chosen to do the art for a couple of them is a real honor. I hear they're going to leak out four new boxes a week until we see all 16. That's gonna be a tough set to complete... sitting through 16 hours of collecting panels out of 34 convention hours at C5. That's dedication.

One thing I'm not proud of is today's comic. It's garbage. I just don't have the patience to draw debris. I get bored almost immediately. So I try to half-ass it. Plus on this one I was kinda rushed since I skipped Sunday for July 4th. It's just a train wreck. I'm not even going to plug the thing on Facebook. Too embarrassing...

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