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See... everyone is uncomfortable around this grown dude getting all excited in the toy aisle...

Posted by: Bill Cable     October 15, 2010 12:42:51 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

Stand tall!
2010-07-12 07:13:49

The OSWCC Summer Social was a blast. I spent way too much money but walked away with some pretty cool 3PO stuff. Many thanks to my co-pilots, the other two Bills.

I'm posting this comic extra early as a favor to Bill F., who apparently has to wait until after lunch to read if it's not up at 7am. Consider this a one-time favor. I can't do this every update. I haven't even had the chance to check Facebook yet!

Today's strip was suggested to me by a member at the PSWCS Summer Social. Tom, a self-professed scalp... eBay entrepreneur thought it'd be funny to see a grown man in the toy aisle surrounded by kids giving him odd looks. Tom's show &amp tell at the social was a thing to behold. It takes some big, brassy ones to stand up in front of 60 collectors who do nothing but complain about how tough it is to find toys, if they can afford them at all in the economy, and describe to them how your eBay business is approaching $100K in sales because you run around every morning and clear the pegs of every store in south-eastern Virginia. If dude lived in Philly I don't think he'd have walked out of there...

But I can respect his honesty. So this one's for you, Tom!

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