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Collected thoughts:

Working for the weekend
2010-07-16 08:34:24

Got a ton of stuff to post this morning. First of all, the Shop is now up-to-date. I decided to remove the option for 11x17 prints because it was too much work to maintain two options, especially when none of you jerks ever order any. You know, one of these prints sold at the OSWCC Summer Social last week for $40? Perhaps I'm just not charging enough...

Though that one at the auction was in a frame...

Next off... I asked my daughter Julia last night to give me a funny collecting story because I couldn't come up with an idea for a comic. She came up with something silly off the top of her head which really didn't fit into toy collecting, so I couldn't use it. But she persisted, going so far as to draw it up for me. It's worth sharing:

Rock Collecting

That's just damn hilarious, isn't it? She's 8 years old and she already writes better puns than me. I should probably save this sheet so when she becomes world-famous I can sell off her "first" comic strip and retire.

There was a fantastic XKCD comic today. If you hold your mouse over the image it pops up a message that really just struck me and gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling. As a Pittsburgher, Fred Rogers is always a source of immense civic pride. And even years after his death he's still leading by example.

And oh yeah, I posted a comic, too. I hope it makes your Friday!

And before anyone complains... I actually wrote the gag BEFORE doing the research on the controller mat and realizing the game is compatible with the very common re-issue. So yeah, the punchline doesn't make sense in that context. I did my best to recover, adding the line about the "only way" to play it. Lame, yes. Funny? Possibly.

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