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Collected thoughts:

Presenting the FINAL EPISODE of The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named!!!
2010-07-19 10:25:43

Hey there loyal readers... remember a couple weeks back when I wrote how some company that owned a similar domain to the one for this strip contacted me threatening a lawsuit? After bouncing a few letters back and forth we've reached an amicable resolution. As a result this will be the final ever The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named comic strip!

Their lawyer is putting together an agreement whereby the other site will take over this domain and I'll start operating this strip under a new name. As I'm retooling we'll be on a bit of a hiatus. I gotta recode everything to reflect the new domain, and it's going to take away from my time to draw strips. First thing I gotta do, though, is come up with a new name for my comic that the lawyer approves of...

I expect to receive the agreement after I come up with a new domain name, and at that point this site will be shut down. And I expect that to happen before Wednesday. In the mean time, enjoy this strip!

PS: Anybody got any good ideas for a domain name?

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