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(Re)-Introducing C7YB!!!
2010-08-04 08:27:30

This just in - lawyers are not necessarily evil. A couple months ago I was contacted by a gentleman in that infamous profession over the domain name of my web comic. Exchanges ensued. And the gentleman was kind enough the help facilitate an amicable resolution to the dispute. The old comic was shuttered and I began retooling.

At long last I'm ready to launch my "new" web comic. Now, choosing a domain name is difficult. When I picked the old one I felt lucky it was available and was very happy with it. It's difficult to find a recognizable domain name these days, with every phrase and it's mother already registered to cybersquatting firms in India. Rather than go the long domain name route (i.e. www.bill-cables-awesome-collecting-web-comic.com) I decided to go the random string of characters route. I figure if xkcd can be a rousing success story that any collection of four characters would work as long as the content is solid.

Yes, I know my comic sucks... that's beside the point!

And actually, my collection of four letters isn't exactly random. It's a reference to an ancient OSWCC joke. The letters are derived from a Vintage action figure's condition... C7 (kinda beat up), YB (yellow bubble). More than a decade ago we were talking about the threshold at which particular collectors wouldn't purchase a figure due to damage. At the time there was a famous dealer/collector who dubbed himself "Mr. C10." One of the collectors in our group wasn't nearly as picky when it came to purchases, so the designation "C7YB" kinda stuck to him for a while. I'm thrilled at the chance to resurrect that long-dead jibe.

You'll find the new comic is pretty much like the old one... especially this first one since I drew it before shutting the old one down. I kinda wish I had a bigger "bang" to launch with, but I guess this will be fine. Starting Friday I'm running with a new multi-part arc that will take us all the way through Celebration 5 and beyond. So be sure to stop back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Excelsior!

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