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Collected thoughts:

The Holy of Holies
2010-08-06 07:46:58

Today I begin a new multi-part story arc. It draws from stories I've heard from other collectors, and all of our deepest fears.

I have what is referred to as a "Star Wars Room" in my house... a place where all my collectibles are stored. I had one in my previous house as well, but it had to be converted to a "kids play room" when mine need more space for all their toys. When we moved we were careful to choose a house with enough bedrooms that I could have one dedicated to my collection for perpetuity.

The door to that room stays locked. Always. And the girls aren't allowed to enter. And if I let them enter while I'm in there, they're not allowed to touch anything. And that becomes a game, because they're always asking "Can I touch that one... that won't break if I touch it." And I yell "No, you can't touch anything!" And I think that pretty much any time my back's turned they're secretly putting their fingers on whatever they can...

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