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So you weren't the creepy Drunk guy who got fresh with Slave Leia, Adrian Curry were you?

Posted by: Jessica    October 9, 2010 7:34:37 AM CDT

Collected thoughts:

Scenes from Celebration V: Slave Leias
2010-09-08 09:41:08

Having wrapped up my previous story arc, I'm now ready to begin a new project I'm calling "Scenes from Celebration V." I'm doing things a bit different with this one... based on suggestions I received on how I can get more people to visit the shop and purchase our high-quality, signed prints (in this instance, two people in six months would constitute "more"). To date, most of my strips haven't been stand-alone, and most featured unknown, original characters. And apparently people don't want to buy those (even if one went for like $40 at the OSWCC Summer Social). The unrecognizable characters bit is a direct result of my desire to avoid any sort of copyright lawsuit (I've already had my fill of those this year). But then I had an epiphany... cosplay doesn't run afoul of copyright. If I'm drawing something depicting cosplay, I don't believe I can be sued for selling prints. So I can provide "recognizable" characters legally. I think. I mean, that'd hold up in court, right? Please tell me that'd hold up in court...

Thus begins operation "Earn Bill $2"! That's about the profit margin I see on my prints. Take out the cost of copies, gas, taxes, packing, and shipping and I'm left with barely enough to shop off the dollar menu. Early on I figured I'd make it up in volume. But then only one person ever ordered a print. And let me tell you, it was a blast filing my state sales taxes for the the first half of 2010 in the amount of $.35. 25 minutes on the phone with their telefile system because the web site was busted. Hell, the toll-free call cost the state more than the money they collected from me.

With operation EB$2 I'm going with some content that's a bit more risque. I figure if anything can get you guys out there to cough up a few bucks for a print, it's hot chicks. So enjoy! And buy some damn prints!! Though you might want to wait a few days to see what else I post so you can enjoy the benefits of combined shipping...

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