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Funny, I call it pantera bread too...

Posted by: VW    September 27, 2010 4:54:41 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

This has NOTHING to do with collecting
2010-09-27 07:13:06

I've had this comic in my head for maybe 15 years. Many of you won't get it, but at the very least it's nice for me to finally get it on paper. I know the content is pretty violent. Hopefully nobody's offended by such a vulgar display of power.

You may notice something new for C7YB... see those tabs above the comic? That's our new "Comments" feature. Now you the reader can contribute to the site! I wanted to work on fostering some audience participation for the site. I should mention that the comments, once submitted, must be approved before they're published. I figure that'll keep out all the spam and other garbage nobody here wants to read. We'll see how things go. You can also comment on every past strip. This gives everyone a good opportunity to read back through the archive and re-experience all the joy I've brought you these past 6 months. So have fun!

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