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This is offensive to Ninja Turtles.... just an FYI.

Posted by: ElvisTrooper    October 8, 2010 1:52:38 PM CDT

You know... my daughter Jasmine was PISSED that she got a Boba Fett bobble head with her Happy Meal on Sunday instead of a skateboard.

Posted by: Bill Cable     October 11, 2010 7:43:16 AM CDT

Hey Ken - just a test of the new follow comments functionality.

Posted by: Bill Cable     October 15, 2010 10:37:11 AM CDT

yup, that worked and I got the email

Posted by: elvistrooper    October 15, 2010 11:28:58 AM CDT

Collected thoughts:

Not another Mandalorian...
2010-10-08 09:25:45

Today's strip wasn't intentional...

The past few days I've been enjoying quite a bit of attention regarding a past comic strip. On Wednesday Ken "ElvisTrooper" Tarleton posted one of my Celebration V comics on his wall on Facebook. "GREAT STUFF!" he says. Some Mandalorians see it, and they are not amused. In two days I've had over 7,000 unique pageviews of my comics, and over 3 dozen comments posted for that strip. I even sold a few prints!

I had no idea all I needed to do to get rich and famous was piss off some Mandos.

Honestly, I was completely ignorant there was this big feud between the Mandos and the 501st. And I guess I hit the sweet spot on that debate a little too precisely. As they say, the truth hurts. And when a satirist touches on the truth, he's a damned criminal.

It's been a fun ride. Check out the comments. They're hilarious... many unintentionally.

Today I'm posting another comic strip featuring a famous Mandalorian. This strip was completed Sunday, so don't think I'm taking another cheap shot for the sake of fame! It's also entirely unoffensive. I think. I could be wrong. I'm as completely ignorant of the inner politics of McDonald's cashiers v/s patrons as I was of the costuming debate.

Tune in next week, when I begin my next big story arc. It doesn't feature Mandalorians at all! But hopefully I offend someone enough to drum up a few hits...

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