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Collected thoughts:

New and improved!
2010-10-18 07:42:10

Well I had a fantastic weekend. I drove 3.5 hours to Carlisle on Saturday to present Canine Corps with our donation from PSWCS. That was an entirely positive experience. Then I attended a PSWCS meeting and got to hang out with the Eastern guys I only see a couple times a year. On top of that the Penguins and Steelers played some great games. It was just about perfect.

I've added some new functionality to the C7YB comments tool which I think readers here will appreciate. First of all, the Comments tab now tells you how many comments have been posted, so you now know without any effort that the 501st v/s Mandos comic now has 50 comments posted. I figure that would be handy, since a lot of people might not bother to click on the tab if they didn't know there'd be something posted there.

Also I've added the ability for comment posters to "follow" the comic and be notified when anybody else posts comments to a thread they've contributed to. Want to see if your snide remarks prompted a response? You no longer need to refresh the comic page obsessively! Just click to be notified of subsequent posts and you'll get E-mail alerts so you'll know it's time to come back and stir the pot once more.

I'm hoping this added interactivity will keep people coming back to the site. You're all content contributors now!

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