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Presenting Merry Maladies!!!
2010-12-08 08:17:12

Today I begin a new series of comics about which I am particularly excited. This set, which I've dubbed "Merry Maladies" (cue the Dum da-dum dah dum-dum-dum dah du-du-du-dum music in your head), will explore the various afflictions from which we dedicated collectors suffer.

It's comedy gold, Jerry!!

For today's strip, I'd like to send out thanks to Eric Franks of ImperialHolocron.com for helping me find a word. I was stuck on the proper term for moving figures around on a peg in an effort to see the ones in the back. He gave me the ideal descriptor for today's illness.

I'm hoping to stretch out this series until Christmas. Nothing says holiday cheer like crippling infirmity! And I'd like your help! If you have a good idea for a Merry Malady, send it to cable@creaturecantina.com and you just might see it in print. Anyone whose idea is used will receive a complimentary 8.5x11 print of the comic from the C7YB Shop!

So enjoy, pass this along, Share it on Facebook, and LAUGH!!

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