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Collected thoughts:

Dust in the wind
2010-12-15 07:33:31

Over the weekend I received a handful of E-mails from loyal readers (and employees) suggesting Merry Maladies. This makes me happy. I love audience participation. I love people posting comments, too! (*hint* *hint*) Today's is the last comic I wrote entirely on my own. So I don't need to give any of those fine folks any credit yet.

I'd like to take this opportunity to share a Bill Cable's Collecting Tip. This one's on dust. Dust sucks. And it's a real pain to clean up. So why not prevent dust in the first place? Here's a simple suggestion - close the heat vents in your collection room. By preventing all that awful air from blowing in via your duct system, you stop dust from entering the room. As a result, your entire collection will remain free of dust. You're probably not in there all that often anyway, so save yourself a ton of work and shut off the AC.

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