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Collected thoughts:

That smarts
2010-12-17 08:57:18

The idea for today's strip was sent to me by no fewer than three different people. That makes me feel stupid for not having come up with it myself. It's obviously well-established in the community's culture, and I was completely oblivious to it.

Among the folks who sent in this idea are my wife Lynda, my staffer Tresob, and loyal reader "Doug." Doug, as a non-family member and non-employee, is eligible for a free print from the C7YB shop!! I'll tell you what, Doug... I don't know if you really want a print of a comic depicting graphic dismemberment, so I'll let you choose from any of our previous comics if that's what you'd prefer. Just send me an E-mail and I'll hook you up.

Merry Maladies will continue at least through next week, and perhaps beyond! So if you'd like a chance at a free print, send me your suggestions.

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