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Nice use of irony, Bill! Heh! Figure Collector Hell. Reminds me of "The Collectors' Dream" which I (and many of my friends) have had. You're in a toy store. You are surrounded by every toy you have ever wanted, or could possibly ever want. And as you reach out your hand for your most prized item . . . you wake up, alone in your bed in the dark. I've been having this dream since I was 8 years old. Which is probably why I started drinking when I was 10.

Posted by: Beedo Sookcool    January 23, 2011 7:09:26 AM CST

And here I thought I was the only one having that dream. Mine is slightly different, though. In mine I seek out the toy section of whichever department store my wife drags me to. There I find a section of loose vintage SW figures mixed with carded and loose custom figures all sitting out on shelves.

Posted by: StarWarsDaddy    January 25, 2011 11:18:23 AM CST

Collected thoughts:

2011-01-21 08:20:51

You know... it's funny. The themes expressed in today's comic (and much of next week's which I've already done) very closely mirror a discussion that's going on over at RebelScum. That, and this, are ultimately about destroying Vintage carded figures in an effort to acquire what ends up being a mint but ultimately compromised item. And I'd put forth that the openers have damned themselves to eternities of torment in Collectible Hell for their sins.

I'd be disingenuous not to mention that I myself opened once. Ten years ago. It was a Droids 3PO on a damaged card with a yellow-brown crushed bubble. I'm still haunted. The nightmares - oh the nightmares! Perhaps my zeal now is a form of atonement...

BTW, I hear that Collectible Hell has one badass selection of action figures. Literally everything you could ever want, immediately at your fingertips. All of it free. And that's why it's Hell... there is no thrill in collecting. Nothing at all is special there. It all may as well be grains of sand.

Strangely, Collectible Heaven is rumored to have the EXACT SAME selection...

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