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Surrogates???? I am a top notch reporter...even if I do get in the way of other peoples shots...wait was that me???? nah couldnt be...back off man..i'ma professional

Posted by: bradp    January 26, 2011 6:43:28 PM CST

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No going back
2011-01-26 07:44:47

Like I said yesterday, those easily offended should just skip the next couple weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to redeem myself after what's going to go on in the coming strips...

I have big news to share. I'm going to Toy Fair in NYC. In the past I've sent CreatureCantina.com surrogates to cover the festivities, and we've posted some fun coverage that occasionally had dire consequences. But this will be my first time going myself. AND it'll be my first time in New York City. I'm very excited. Not as excited as I am about Pittsburgh making it to the Super Bowl, but excited none-the-less.

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