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You're supposed to be doing this "for the love of the game" rather than for profit!?

Posted by: v    February 9, 2011 10:51:10 AM CST

I ain't in this for your revolution. I expect to be well paid. I'm in it for the money.

Posted by: Bill Cable     February 9, 2011 5:14:09 PM CST

Collected thoughts:

Limited Edition
2011-02-09 07:39:38

Yesterday over at CreatureCantina.com I announced a new policy for comic prints. It's a good policy, I think. I've already sold TWO limited prints! That's a stunning uptick from four months of ZERO prints. Success!

The long and the short - comic prints are now limited to 2. If you buy one, it'll be hand-numbered and signed. Once the two are gone I won't be selling them again.

My initial thought for the prints was to make them unlimited in the hopes that I'd eventually be recouped financially for the time I spend doing the comic. I know what my time is worth based on what my job pays me. I spend two or three hours a night, three or four nights a week to do this comic. Given my slim profit margin on the prints, I'd need to sell about... 40 or so prints PER COMIC for this venture to make financial sense.

It wasn't a well designed business model.

So now I'm going to be content with keeping my financial outlays to a bare minimum, and enjoying that the occasional print sold cuts away a percentage of my web hosting costs. In the choice of fortune or glory, I've chosen glory.

Speaking of glory - my plea for ideas to promote C7YB was answered. I'm now promoted on The Webcomic List. However I'm not sure how effective this tool will be. I was on the page for one day, got 10 page views, and was instantly ranked in the top 10% of comics on that site. That'd point to a relatively small userbase, I think. I'm thinking that if maybe half the people who regularly read this comic click on that TWL link and and then visit my site, I could be NUMBER ONE! But I didn't really crunch the numbers all that thoroughly.

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