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Mr. Funny might not always be right, but he is never wrong.

Posted by: Mr. Funny    March 29, 2011 8:57:38 AM CDT

Collected thoughts:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program
2011-03-28 08:07:26

You'll be happy to hear I'm all better now. I felt like crap though the middle of last week, but after that the Z-pack kicked in and I've been right as rain. I was even healthy enough to help my brother move over the weekend.

It's amazing, though, how something like a little sinus infection can absolutely kick your ass. For two days I was balled up fetally in my bed, sweating like a porn star, phasing in and out of delirium. I can't imagine how people survived these things back before antibiotics. My one buddy said something about putting a dob of horseradish on the end of a Q-Tip and snorting it. That's some sort of masochistic home remedy to kill off a sinus infection. Fortunately I was already enjoying the benefits of modern medicine before receiving that advice. I have enough discomfort from brain-freezes... I can't imagine immolating my nasal cavity.

But enough about my brush with death... er... illness! I have a comic to post. Unfortunately, due to last week's "vacation" I'm going to have to compress the storyline a bit to get to where I need to be. I had some stuff scripted, and though I figured out how to present it, it's not gonna linger the way I'd hoped. But it should still be HILARIOUS! You'll be busting your guts so epically that you'll absolutely stop by the shop and purchase one of our extremely limited-edition prints!

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