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Creature cantina.com sucks.

Posted by: v    April 1, 2011 6:08:10 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

I could do this all week
2011-04-01 07:21:29

Today's strip was supposed to be the first of a series of sight gags inspired by a comment from one of my loyal readers, who asked "So when do we get to see the Guru?" Up to that point, the thought never occurred to me to make an issue of the fact that his face was obscured by the blinding light behind him. It was just supposed to be an ambiance thing. But when I learned that someone out there was actually invested in finding out exactly who the Guru was, I decided it'd be a great gag to torture him with repeated near-reveals.

But then I got that sinus infection, and my schedule got buggered, and I only had time for this one. A shame... but some things need to happen on a set schedule.

I'd like to mention that TEN YEARS AGO TODAY CreatureCantina.com was launched. April Fools Day, 2001. Who knew it'd turn out to be a ten-year joke on me?... sucking away my time and my life. Ten years is a long time, and the fact that we're still around is a testament to the work ethic of our contributors and to the spirit of our dedicated readers. So thanks for that. I'll be posting more about the anniversary next Wednesday, which will be our "official" anniversary celebration. But I thought it important to mark this date in some manner. So from all of us at the Cantina - Cheers!

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