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Collected thoughts:

Evil scheme
2011-04-13 08:42:50

I gotta say - running a tenth anniversary is a TON of work. Just brutal. Days on end planning. Contacting every sponsor under the sun. Hours of coding. It's an ordeal. And now that it's pretty much over, I have a mountain of prizes I need to pack up and ship. Thankfully, it'll be over soon. I hope you folks appreciated it.

There's just one thing left to do for the anniversary celebration, and that's Vote for the best photo in the CC.com Sucks! photo contest. There's some pretty decent ones there. Nothing comparable to what Yoda's News got back in the day (which is what I was hoping for...), but I'm glad people participated.

And also there's Wednesday's C7YB. Can't forget about that. Enjoy!!

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