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Marvel is superior to DC in every way... and we both know the Punisher would clean the floor with Batman.

Posted by: GOPWookiee    April 18, 2011 5:51:30 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

This is bad...
2011-04-18 08:29:07

Happy new week, everyone. I hope you all had productive and relaxing weekends, assuming those two aren't mutually-exclusive for you. I got a few things done... I've been sorting through my old comic books, trying to find the handful that are worth the effort to sell and separating them from the mountain that I won't get $.01 on the dollar for from local comic dealers. It's sad. I have a 4" thick stack of copies of X-Force #1 still in their sealed bags. Yeah, I was a sucker for those things back then. Poor, poor investment.

But I did discover that my complete run of Transformers comics has a bunch of issues that were printed in very small runs! Apparently they're worth a bit of money. Woohoo!!

The most interesting thing I came across was five comics about under-sea exploration from back in the 1950s. Somehow they ended up in the one box of comics my wife had from when she was a kid. She has no idea how they got there. Three of the issues are of a title called "Sea Hunt" that have photo covers featuring Lloyd Bridges. Shirtless and manly in a distinctly 1950's manner. And I can't help but be reminded of "Airplane." And they're worth like $100 each mint! Of course these ones aren't mint... but I'll still get a little bit of spending money from them. They're almost odd enough to keep... almost. "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."

It was a tough slog going through all those books, but it was fun when I discovered something interesting or valuable. Lynda's books would have a run of 20 or so books from the '90s, then two issues of the same title from the late '60s/early '70s. Eight or ten runs were like that. I also found that while Marvel would have an occasional issue or run from the boom era that would actually be worth money - first appearance of someone or death of someone or big event - DC had nothing like that at all in any of the books we collected. They're all straight-up worthless. A sea of $.10 read-condition values. Maybe we should have collected more Batman...

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