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Thor was indeed Epic. Enjoyed your 3PO hunt story, funny I've noticed the exact opposite and that Chewbacca 12Cs show up way more that 12Bs or 12As. But that's just eBay, I'm not privy to the inner circle like Cable.

Posted by: GOPWookiee    May 6, 2011 2:07:08 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

It's kinda Thor-like, I guess
2011-05-06 07:34:54

Let's see... on the collecting front, I've picked up a 12-C C-3PO, to go along with my 12-A and 12-B. The condition isn't fantastic... got a bent-up corner... but I got it for a bargain. And from what I've seen it's the least common of the three. Not that it's exactly uncommon... there have been a few $800 AFA examples on eBay. It's just that the other two seem to pop up a lot more frequently.

What doesn't pop up frequently are ESB C-3POs. I'm still trying to track down a bunch of variants of 31/32/41 backs that I don't yet own, and I've turned up none. The few of those that do pop up have all been the backs I already own. I's just surprising (and annoying) that even the ones I do have show up so infrequently. I mean right now there are literally TWO non-removable limbs ESB C-3POs on all of eBay. That's pathetic.

But enough about my whining about C-3POs I need... here's a comic. And it's epic. Like I'm hoping Thor will be. I can't wait to see that flick this weekend...

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