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Collected thoughts:

Probably not a real thing - but it should be
2011-05-13 07:31:34

Happy Friday, faithful readers. Today we wrap up the Oznemoc story arc which began WAY BACK in the first week of April. And actually if you consider it a continuation of the Guru arc, which grew out of the AFA-U arc... this comic has been one long, uninterrupted storyline since January 10th! That's probably the longest contiguous tale I've ever spun.

It ends Monday, though. I have a few fan-written comics I'm going to begin posting then. But we had a nice run.

Comic commenter "V" spilled the beans yesterday about the ultimate conclusion of the story. I didn't know whether any of you folks would remember the FedEx or not. Since at least one of you did, I guess that means I need to actually think about continuity from time to time. Can't abide any plot holes!

As for the precautions Z has taken to protect his collection... I'd like to imagine a world where people actually were this well-prepared for any eventuality. Though I suppose there are some collectors out there who actually are. It wasn't long ago that I read a post by a collector who said he had a firearm hidden in every room of his house, just in case anybody ever breaks in thinking to steal his stuff. That, my friends, is proactive!

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