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Collected thoughts:

2011-05-18 07:53:09

The idea for today's comic was sent in by my long-time friend and BarSmart owner Christopher Smith. Chris is like me, except better at everything we both do. Better ColdFusion programmer. Better artist. Better beer drinker. Although I am a better husband and father, as he is neither still married nor has any offspring. So those thing we don't have in common are where I excel.

He bugs me about becoming a better artist, which I'd happily do if I had an extra 4 hours a day. As it is now it's a struggle for me to schedule two hours three days a week to do this comic. I know what my days are like and my responsibilities, so I accept my art as it is. I can do better things, I just never have the time. And I'm fine with that. My comic art will evolve and improve over time (actually, I really like how today's turned out), it'll just take a whole lot longer than if I put forth an effort to improve. Hopefully they're wrong about the Rapture happening Saturday, and I'll have plenty of years to work on it.

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