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Collected thoughts:

Fat stacks
2011-05-23 08:17:48

Today's comic was inspired by personal experience. I've recently begun selling off my old comic collection - the stuff I got in grade/high school. And it's entirely worthless. What I did was I went through the titles with a price guide and pulled everything valued at $4 or more. The rest I dropped into long boxes... 6 long boxes to be exact. I've been selling those long boxes to half-price books for about $25 per. Bagged and boarded, the long boxes hold about 150 comics. When I was buying them they were about $1.50 each. When you do the math these books were a very poor investment. It's times like these I wish I wasn't so good at math...

The books worth $4 or more I'm going to make an effort to sell individually. At some point. When I'm not so busy. Which probably means never...

I spent the weekend in Ohio, and there I had my first successful toy run in months. I found a Vintage Collection Weequay. Awesome. Yet another denizen for Jabba's palace! Now I just need to track down the dude with the horn from the Cantina, and my modern collecting for 2011 will be up-to-date. It's such a change from the days when I picked up every single figure. (speaking of poor investments...) I like it better, now. Get what I like. Be happy. It's a nice change. I'm sure it's not a decision Hasbro appreciates all that much, but I think they'll survive.

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