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Collected thoughts:

Law of diminishing returns
2011-07-29 07:59:21

I you haven't heard, PSWCS is selling medallions to benefit charity. I try to keep you guys in the loop on these things, so I'm guessing you probably did hear... but it never hurts to make sure.

The problem with selling charity medallions on a Star Wars Celebration off-year is distribution. At C5 we drove the coins down there, sold off like 800 of them, and just had a few left we needed to bother offering on our web site. This year, there's no Celebration, so we need to ship them. And since they're all in my house and the nearest other PSWCS member is a good 30 minute drive away, that's meant I need to ship them. And I mean, I'm happy to do it for the club and for our troops, but it's a ton of work.

Ah well... 400 down, 600 to go. If you want to order, it'd be spectacular if you ordered more than one. So far 3/4 of our orders have been for singles. Don't you guys understand the concept of "One to keep, one to trade?" That's like the golden rule of limited exclusives collecting! Think how when you're going to C6 if you have a couple 2011 medallions in your pocket what you'll be able to score from people who just grabbed the 2012 and are looking to get the rest. I'll bet you could have gotten an entire set of cereal boxes last year in trade for our 2009 coin! They're just that awesome!

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