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And now for something a little different
2011-08-08 07:38:59

I've been in a bit of a slump lately... not having many good ideas for comics (at least what I view as good ideas... I'm getting plenty of positive response from the readership, which just goes to show I don't have a clue what people want). So I spent some time last week thinking of what I could do to shake things up, and then I came up with a nugget of an idea. I kinda liked it, and it's grown into a full-blown storyline.

The thing is... it's different. I'm trying for a noir vibe here... kinda gritty and broad. I've switched up a bit on the art to reflect that. And it's been a blast. I spent like 3 hours just drawing this first strip, trying to get the right effect. And I like how it turned out. Hopefully you guys will cut me some slack and give it a chance.

One last note - as much as this comic has a "canon" - these strips should be treated as non-canon. These are a story, and things will happen here that won't carry on to the normal strip. That'll allow me the freedom to do things I otherwise couldn't. Like maybe KILLING PEOPLE! Fictional people... don't want any calls from the FBI. So buckle up!

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