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Collected thoughts:

2011-08-24 07:45:44

So I was alerted through Facebook (be sure to "like" today's comic!!) of an error in my recent comics. What happened was... I was thinking of names for our famous deceased collector (because I didn't want to use actual names of any recently deceased famous collectors). I went back and forth, until I finally settled on "Dwayne Walker." Then as I was doing the comics I was like "Duh! You can't have a Star Wars collector named 'Walker' - because then everyone will think of Luke!" So I went back to an earlier name. Thing is after I changed it in his premiere comic, I forgot to change it through the rest. Thus a discontinuity was born.

That's fixed now. It did demonstrate I'm in desperate need of an editor. And more sleep...

In retrospect, I do prefer the way "Lando Jones" rolls off the tongue... or I guess the cerebral cortex since I'm not actually vocalizing it. Yes, it slides off the brain nicely.

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