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Collected thoughts:

2011-08-29 09:36:21

I had a lot of fun at the Fisher auction, between bouts of napping while lot after lot of modern stuff was sold. I've posted some photos of the event on the PSWCS web site. It was great hanging out with my fellow PSWCSers and Vintage guys from across the continent. I picked up a few things - the best of which was a minty Roman Ceramics 3PO cookie jar in cherry condition with box, to replace my damaged and glued, boxless version. It was the thing I wanted most, and I got it for a very good price. Other things I wanted went to other people, including a very cool miscarded, upside-down Ewoks Wicket, and a few 3PO mugs. I also let a minty Tri-logo Yak go for cheap even though there was a good potential for flipping it at a nice profit. I later found out that it helped an OSWCC guy get one figure away from a complete Vintage set. So no regrets there. All-in-all it was fantastic, with a dinner Saturday that was to die for and a chance to show of my collection to a lot of guys who'd never seen it before. I always love that opportunity.

Now I gotta get ready for Dragon*con, which I leave for in THREE DAYS??? Oh crap...

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