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Collected thoughts:

2011-10-26 09:22:38

OK... so maybe I went a bit overboard one this one with the blood. But then again... nope. No, I didn't. I love the way it expresses escalating hostilities. It came out just as I'd hoped it would.

I posted two stories about New York Comic Con on CreatureCantina.com earlier today. The first was my report on Hasbro's Star Wars offerings. They're doing some cool stuff for the upcoming 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace.

The second is regarding Entertainment Earth's upcoming Venture Bros. action figure line. Read the story - but basically they need enough pre-orders before they'll make the line. They're brilliant, and if you're a fan of the BEST SHOW ON TV, you should click the link and order the first wave. I want to see these figures more than anything, and only together can we make it happen!

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