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Collected thoughts:

It shall be done
2012-01-13 08:13:09

Today's comic has its roots in an old Loony Tunes cartoon, if my memory isn't failing me. I have this vague scene in my head of Buggs Bunny reading through a contract... at least I think I do. The coffee hasn't taken effect yet, else I'd be more sure of it. I was inspired by something somewhere along the line...

If you're not a regular reader of CreatureCantina.com, well you damn well should be. But in particular you should check out this article about the final chapter of Order 95. What is Order 95? It's an story about action figures that had participants from about a dozen different web sites making photo comics starting back in 2006. Here, let me dig up this old fossil. Unfortunately a lot of those links are dead (which says something about the longevity of CreatureCantina.com, I guess), but one site - http://www.nibcrom.com/ - just posted their finale to the series! FIVE YEARS LATER! That's just crazy dedication right there! So check out the story and read the finale five years in the making!

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